Find Balance and Tranquility at a Mindfulness Retreat

Step away from your daily routine to pursue mindfulness, meditation, and quiet reflection. A mindfulness retreat set in a tranquil natural environment can help you rest, repair, and reawaken. Join us at the beautiful Elohee retreat center for one of these retreats.

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3rd Annual Lovingkindness Meditation Retreat
April 5-7, 2019

Stephanie Swann, PhD & Helen Vantine, PhD

Join us for a weekend of Lovingkindness meditation instruction and practice. We will spend 3 days together learning lovingkindness mediation and directing it toward ourselves and others. This practice allows us to shed old defenses and protective mechanisms, and come in contact with the full potential of the human heart. We learn to explore ways to stay open even in the face of anger, resentment, and other difficult emotional states. By opening our mind and heart and directing love toward ourselves and others we find that, far from making us more vulnerable, we become more confident and happier. We discover a deep and unshakable sense of safety and refuge.

In a world where kindness and even civility often seem to be absent, cultivating this quality becomes more important than ever. When we practice opening to our own loving mind and heart, we see that the most basic force in life is love. It is the force that binds the world and motivates us moment to moment. Please join us at this retreat as an act of kindness and generosity to yourself and to the world.

The day will consist of practicing lovingkindness through sitting meditation, walking meditation and yoga. There will also be free time for wandering the beautiful mountains of Elohee. In the evenings there will be talks related to the topic of lovingkindness.

**Please note that the retreat is held in noble silence. There are 2-3 hours of silent meditation practice in the morning and 2-3 hours of silent meditation in the afternoon. Although it is not necessary, participants who attend this retreat often find it helpful to have an established mindful meditation practice.

Custom retreats

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“Now I have a lifetime skill that will help me to live better and enjoy every moment with acceptance.”