Find Balance and Tranquility at a Mindfulness Retreat

Step away from your daily routine to pursue mindfulness, meditation, and quiet reflection. A mindfulness retreat set in a tranquil natural environment can help you rest, repair, and reawaken. Join us at the beautiful Elohee retreat center for one of these retreats.

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4th Annual Lovingkindness Meditation Retreat
Mindfulness + Lovingkindness
June 11-14, 2020

Stephanie Swann, PhD & Helen Vantine, PhD

This year we are offering two retreats in one. Come for 3 days or 4 days, it’s your choice. Choose Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday.

On Thursday, we will begin this retreat settling into the quiet space of Elohee and the beauty of Bald Mountain. Using the nature that surrounds us as our guide, we will allow our pace to slow, our minds to calm, and our hearts to open. The first 24 hours will be a time of relaxing the body and concentrating the mind, letting go of the to-do list and giving ourselves the gift of being present. As the mind quiets we can begin to feel our hearts open to ourselves, others and the world at large. We will practice both walking and sitting meditation.

On Friday evening the second part of our retreat will begin with an introduction (or review) of lovingkindness practice. This part of the retreat will follow the traditional method of lovingkindness practice, taking time to focus our hearts and minds on ourselves and others. Lovingkindness will be practiced through sitting meditation and walking meditation. On Friday and Saturday evenings there will be talks related to the topic of lovingkindness.

If you have never done lovingkindness practice, this is a beautiful introduction. If lovingkindness is already part of your practice, talking several days to commit solely to the practice can deepen and strengthen your experience of open heartedness.

Tiffany Andras-Myers with A Mindful Heart Yoga will provide yoga practice for us daily. She is a beautiful teacher who embodies lovingkindness through her yoga.

There will also be free time for wandering the beautiful mountains of Elohee.

**Please note that the retreat is held in noble silence. This retreat is suitable for beginning and experienced meditators.


The cost of the program is $400.00 for Thursday-Sunday & $300.00 for Friday-Sunday. But, because we understand that everyone has different financial ability, tuition is on a sliding scale that allows participants to pay according to individual means.  Sustaining tuition is $400 (Th-Su) or $300 (Fr-Su); mid tuition is $300 (Th-Su) or $200 (Fr-Su); and base tuition is $200 (Th-Su) or $100 (Fr-Su). Please choose your amount based on an earnest assessment of your financial ability. When you pay at the highest level you can, it allows others to attend who may not otherwise be able to join us.

At checkout, you will be asked for a discount code.  For sustaining tuition, no discount code is required.  For mid and base tuition, please enter the code:

Th-Su: mid300 or base200, respectively
Fr-Su: mid200, base100, respectively.

4 day Mindfulness+ Lovingkindness
3 day Lovingkindness

Custom retreats

Contact us to create a custom retreat for your business, school, or community group.

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