Community Meditation Groups

Community meditation group is open to everyone. If you have never meditated before, we suggest you come the first Tuesday or Sunday of the month as we provide basic meditation instruction from 5:45 - 6:00 PM. Sitting group starts immediately after this instruction.

Women Contentedly Meditating Join Atlanta’s Mindfulness Meditation Community. Being a part of a sitting group is a wonderful way to support your own meditation practice and support others in their practice.

The program will begin with a 30-minute sit followed by a 10-minute break. We will conclude with a 30-minute mindfulness talk and discussion that is intended to support and strengthen your practice.

Cost: Donation
Please make a donation to attend each sitting group program. $10.00 is the suggested amount, but your gift is greatly appreciated in any amount. Your gift helps defray the costs of the space and supports the teachers, as they are not paid to provide this service. There will be a donation box at the location. Checks and cash are greatly appreciated.

What to bring
Wear comfortable clothes. Cushions and chairs will be provided. You may bring your own cushion if you like.

We Offer Four Meditation Groups Each Month.


Every Sundays of each month 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Atlanta Mindfulness Counseling & Consulting
675 Seminole Ave, Suite 103
Atlanta, GA 30307

Instructors & Topics

July 14 Jessi Heneghan, LCSW. Restlessness & Sleepiness (Internal & External Barriers to Practice)
July 21 Stephanie Swann, PhD. Doubt (Internal & External Barriers to Practice)
July 28 Stephanie Swann, PhD. External Obstacles to Practice (Internal & External Barriers to Practice)

Aug 4 Dana Goldman, LPC. Informal Practices (Mindfulness in Every Day Life)
Aug 11 Hannah Hawkins-Esther, LCSW. Mindful Communication (Mindfulness in Every Day Life)
Aug 18 Stephanie Swann, PhD. Mindful Eating (Mindfulness in Every Day Life)
Aug 25 Helen Vantine, PhD. Mindfulness of Sounds in the Environment (Mindfulness in Every Day Life)

Sept 8 Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW. Mindful Intention (Mindful Thought) (Ethical Living)
Sept 15 Stephanie Swann, PhD. Mindful Speech (Ethical Living)
Sept 22 Helen Vantine, PhD. Mindful Action

Oct 6 Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW. The Happy Brain (Mindfulness & Neuroscience)
Oct 13 Stephanie Swann, PhD. Tyranny of the Sympathetic Nervous System (Mindfulness & Neuroscience)
Oct 20 Dana Goldman, LPC. The Default Mind (Mindfulness & Neuroscience)
Oct 27 Helen Vantine, PhD. Building Resiliency: Counteracting the Negativity Bias (Mindfulness & Neuroscience)

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