Community Meditation Groups

Community meditation group is open to everyone. If you have never meditated before, we recommend you attend the basic meditation instruction from 5:45 - 6:00 PM. Sitting group starts immediately after. Please let the teacher know that you are here for instruction.

Join Atlanta’s Mindfulness Meditation Community. Being a part of a sitting group is a wonderful way to support your own meditation practice and support others in their practice.

The program will begin with a 30-minute sit followed by a 10-minute break. We will conclude with a 30-minute mindfulness talk and discussion that is intended to support and strengthen your practice.

Cost: Donation
Please make a donation to attend each sitting group program. $10.00 is the suggested amount, but your gift is greatly appreciated in any amount. Your gift helps defray the costs of the space and supports the teachers, as they are not paid to provide this service. There will be a donation box at the location. Checks and cash are greatly appreciated.

Women Contentedly Meditating

What to bring
Wear comfortable clothes. Cushions and chairs will be provided. You may bring your own cushion if you like.

We Offer Four Meditation Groups Each Month.


Every Sundays of each month 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Atlanta Mindfulness Counseling & Consulting
675 Seminole Ave, Suite 103
Atlanta, GA 30307

Instructors & Topics

April 5 Dana Goldman, LPC. Non-judging/Patience
April 12 Stephanie Swann, Ph.D. Beginner’s mind
April 19 Liz Wilder Young, LCSW. Non-striving
April 26 Stephanie Swann, Ph.D. Acceptance/Letting Go

March 1 Liz Wilder Young, LCSW. Mindfulness of Breath & Body
March 8 Jessi Heneghan, LCSW. Mindfulness of Feeling/Vedana
March 15 Stephanie Swann, Ph.D. Mindfulness of Emotion
March 22 Dana Goldman, LPC. Mindfulness of Perception/Story
March 29 Liz Wilder Young, LCSW. Mindfulness, just mindfulness
February 2 Liz Wilder Young, LCSW. The joy found in living mindfully
February 9 Stephanie Swann, Ph.D. Being compassionate and connected to life
February 16 Dana Goldman, LPC. Loving kindness! Where it all starts
February 23 Jessi Heneghan, LCSW. Equanimity: Balancing the ups and downs of life

January 5 Stephanie Swann, PhD. Bringing intention to 2020
January 12 Dana Goldman, LPC Cultivating a sense of gratitude in everyday life
January 19 Canceled to honor MLK Day holiday
January 26 Jessi Heneghan, LCSW Generosity as a path to connection

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